The key of BALKAN GREENHOUSE DOO strategy is to transfer the knowledge on greenhouse operations and plant cultivation to Macedonian farmers, students and other parties. In parallel with the main activity we will provide training and advisory services in the broadest sense related to:

  • Greenhouse construction, including all the necessary equipment
  • Plant cultivation in protected conditions

For this purpose our company have constructed and fully equiped a small glasshouse facility which presents unique training and educational center, HORTICENTAR. This facility will serve as a promotion and presentation unit, but also as the venue for practical training for Macedonian growers, students from agricultural schools and Universities or other interested parties from all over the Blaknas, Europe, World.

BALKAN GREENHOUSE DOO has signed Memorandums of understanding with:

  • Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Food – Skopje, University Ss. Ciril and Methodius in Skopje
  • Faculty of Agriculture – Stip
  • CAH Dronten – University of Applied Sciences – The Netherlands
  • FON Univeristy – Skopje
  • University of Novi Sad – Faculty of Agriculture – Novi Sad, Serbia
  • University of Belgrade – Faculty of Agriculture – Belgrade, Serbia
  • University of Bijeljina – Faculty of Agriculture – Bijeljina, Republic of Srpska, BIH
  • University of Josip Jurja Strossmayer – Faculty of Agriculture – Osijek, Croatia

The activities to be included in the collaboration are:

  • Organisation of practical work for students with presentation of working of modern glasshouse
  • Organisation of training programs for interested parties (horticultural growers, companies from the sector, administrators etc.)
  • Exchange of knowledge and facilities as appropriate
  • Collaboration on publications in professional media and participation in professional workshops and other events