HORTICENTAR can make relation with You on contract basis for support of production (crop consultancy) performing following issues:

  • Choosing of most adequate crop for certain conditions, season and market
  • Hybrids and technology of crop production
  • Crop management on site, with accent of news and improvements
  • Water, soil or medium analysis in modern laboratories in The Netherlands and fertilizing recommendation
  • Advices about irrigation regime
  • Support for choosing the proper equipment
  • Good agricultural practice
  • Crop protection through regular tracking in meaning of appearance of diseases and pests
  • Advices for time and way of application of some protection materials, advice in choosing of the material
  • Advices for postharvest activities for better quality
  • Connection with Your climate control computer
  • Regular visits, telephone and internet communication, training of staff on site etc.


All this can be made through contracted number of visits from our consultants, experienced agronomists, and sometimes with colleagues from The Netherlands if needed. We prepare reports for you, for the visits including information for the situation during the visit, eventual changes from the past situation, symptoms and conversations, photo documentation, advices for future measures till next visit from all aspects of cultivation.
We would like to point the advantages for You from this type of cooperation, that is in front of all the support that you will receive in any time and the freedom from you to ask for that in any time, the knowlage and the experience of our consultants, practical advices in choosing means and equipment, the adventage in front of others is that as our clients You will have eventual visits in The Netherlands or in promote implementation of new technologies from our partners here.
We are capable to prepare a very detailed and reliable Business Plans and Feasibility studies for our clients. From choosing a certain type of construction and equipment to crop plan and simulation of few years production possibilities and cash flow.
Please feel free to contact us with request for any kind of consultancy You may needed.
We can guarantee that You will get the best approach and reliable partner in Your business.